Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Send and Receive MMS on iPhone 5 T-Mobile

As like majority Smartphone, iPhone 5 also provides you feature where you can send and receive an MMS or picture, send or video via messages. Although it is seldom done, but at least you ought to know how to send and receive MMS on iPhone 5 T-Mobile, As we know that MMS is one of main feature that had by every phone and Smartphone. But if you feel difficult to find this feature on your iPhone 5, it doesn’t matter. Today I will try to explain you how to find and send, receive an MMS.

Before that, make sure that your internet connection on iPhone 5 is on and active. As we know that MMS is a message type that uses internet connection for data transferring so you ought to have enough balance to able activate it so that the HDPA/4G/EDGE network on iPhone 5 was on. For MMS setting, you can ask for help to your own operator to activate the MMS feature on yours. After you regard that your MMS setting was true and the internet network was available, let’s begin.

Press the camera icon to add video, animations, picture or sound in a message. Now, MMS is activated. Please come back into message app. If you wrote the message, you should see the camera icon under the message body. Tap to add picture and video into your message. Also, when browsing photos and videos on your photos library, you ought to begin the options to send videos/photos by MMS. Previously, only the one option to send photos was just via e-mail. Congratulation, your iPhone 5 right now has been able to be used send and receiving mms on iPhone 5 T-Mobile.

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