Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to Fix iPhone 5 Lock Button

Fortunately, fixing the lock button is actually simple once you know the right ways to do it. Let’s read the rest of this article and find out more how to fix iPhone 5 lock button yourself.

Fix It Yourself
So what we should do if we want to learn how to fix iPhone 5 lock button. The procedures require a new gesture, simply tap the settings section, move into general, accessibility, assistive touch and then toggle it. Next, you will have to create new gesture, you will see a small button appear on your screen immediately. This button gives access to lock your iPhone 5 including control volume, lock the screen, rotate the screen and shake the device. In fact, creating a virtual button is the easiest way to enable this feature once your lock button is broken. It is not a difficult task to do and doesn’t require too much time.

Have Your iPhone 5 Replaced
If you have the same issue like this one, you are not alone, there are also other users who have experienced this kind of issue. Aside from using tips mentioned earlier, the other solution on how to fix your iPhone 5 lock button is to get your iPhone 5 replaced. Having your iPhone 5 replaced will help you save the trouble from fixing it yourself. However, it is still a good idea to have a virtual button which works the same way just like your iPhone 5 lock button.

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