Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Scan QR Code with iPhone 5

Do you need some help on how to scan QR code with iPhone 5? QR codes are quite popular these days and if you are not familiar, don’t worry you will soon realize how helpful they are. The best part is, by using your iPhone 5, you can read the QR codes. These little squares are quite popular, they can be linked to your business page, social media actions your personal page and also allow users to connect to WIFI.

Step by Step Guide to Scan QR Code
• Before you can use your iPhone 5 to scan the QR Codes, you need to find an app designed to scan QR codes.
• There are some apps to consider both paid and free apps. A free app would be more than enough. One good example is SCAN, this is a free app which works on other platforms not only IOS devices.
• Once you have downloaded the app, open the app on your iPhone and point your mobile phone to QR codes.
• Remember that your iPhone 5 is connected to internet.
• That’s it, this is all you need if you want to scan QR codes using your iPhone 5.

Aside from using Scan, there are other apps you can use to scan QR codes. Like it or not, QR codes have been used by many business owners whether they want to create a personal page or business page, these QR codes are quite helpful. Just in case if you need one, you can download these apps on Apple store. Choosing free apps would be better especially if you only need the basic functionality.

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